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Benefits and Downsides of Transportation

Transportation is involved in our daily lives. The best form of transportation, in my opinion, is cars. While cars pollute the air and aren’t super good they are almost a necessity. So Many people have cars because they need them to get around. Cars are very common because of what they provide.


   The way we travel harms our planet by polluting it. This is because of many factors. The biggest one is carbon emissions from cars and trucks. Another thing is how you need gas to power most cars which also harms the earth. It is really a win-lose situation.

A McDowell School Day

    I go to a school called McDowell Middle School. Our days are different from other places. I get on my bus at 6:55 am. My bus is one of the last busses to get to school at around 7:50 am. 

    My first class starts at 7:55 which is advanced math. My next class starts at around 8:50 am. This is my science class. The next class starts at 9:45 am and goes till 10:36 am. The 9:45 to 10:36 am period is my advanced ELA class. The next period is lunch which goes on for 30 minutes. Then we have something called AE is stands for academic enrichment. I will be honest with you AE is basically a shorter guided study. Lunch and AE span for a total of 1 hour and the next period starts at 11:43. 

    Our 5th period here at McDowell is a little weird. It is our longest period and is around 5 minutes longer than the second-longest period. This is my Social Studies class and it goes on till 12:44 pm. My next period is known as Guided Study. For anyone who doesn’t know what Guided Study is it’s basically another period for you to get your work done. Guided Study goes on till 1:38 pm. My final period of the day goes till 2:33 pm. This is my art class time.

     There is a weird time in between Art and the end of the day. It’s like two minutes for you to just linger around until around 2:35 pm where school releases. After you are released and ready to go home every one who is picked up goes and finds whoever is picking them up. If you ride the bus then well obviously you go and get on the bus.

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100 Word Challenge: Industrialization Prompt

This picture honestly disturbs me. You can see all of the pollution going into the air coming from there. It is horrible seeing all of the pollution out there. I understand we use things made from there but it’s awful what is happening in return. I know I keep saying this a lot and I may sound repetitive but this image really disturbs me and is awful how much pollution there is in the world.

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100 Word Challenge

People want to evacuate. People are afraid of what is happening. The industry is changing. The world is warming up and becoming red hot. This is urgent. It’s happening now. Glaciers are melting and the world is warming up. People are trying to discover answers to the problem of climate change. Others who don’t get hands-on are supporting the cause. Many people believe climate change will end because no matter what happens people will always have faith in humanity.